Your Own Web Page

With a subscription to Notary Database you also get your own web page. Your web page can be used on business cards and promotional material. Your web page will be located at http://www.getmynotary/YOUR USERNAME. To view a sample web page, go to

Signing Company List

We have a listing of hundreds of Signing Companies, Title Companies, and Lenders. This is offered to our members at NO EXTRA CHARGE! We have implemented a rating system for the Signing Company list. Many of the companies are rated from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is the average rating given to the company by notaries public who have rated the company.

Earn Money

For less than a penny a day you can have a subscription to Notary Database. If you receive one signing as a result of Notary Database, your subscription will have paid for itself.

Best Advertising Value

Other directories charge up to $69.95 for a one year subscription. These directories are not nearly as comprehensive as Notary Database; nor do they provide the same features.

Unlimited Number of Cities and Counties

You are allowed to place an unlimited amount of cities and counties that you cover. Other Notary Directories will allow you one city and one county, and will charge you in excess of $10 per additional city or county.

Traffic and Promotion

Notary Database heavily advertises on the Internet, thus generating more hits to our web site, which will make your mini-site and information available to millions of people.

Cheap Gas Finder

At Notary Database, we understand how important it is for mobile notaries to find affordable ways to fill up their gas tanks. Our Members Area contains a very useful utility that shows gas prices in the vicinity of your Zip Code.

Notary Resources

Once becoming a member, you will have access to our members area, where you will have access to notary related links and resources. Resources include:

  • Abbreviations to common loan terms
  • Marketing Articles
  • Local state notary contact information
  • Links to state notary handbooks
  • Fillable Notary Invoice
  • Sample Notary Flyer New sample notary flyer
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