About Us

Notary Database was developed and is run by experienced Notaries Public who understand the notarial industry, and have hence, created a highly specialized notary network that caters to the exact needs of other notaries. Notary Database was created for the purpose of linking Notaries Public with signing companies, title companies, escrow companies and other companies and individuals in need of Notary Public.

We actively market Notary Database to give you maximum exposure to those in need of your services. We promote heavily in pay-per-click search engines. This advertising method ensures that we are getting targeted hits to our site, which in turn leads to targeted hits to your personal information, or mini-site.


Our number one goal is to enhance your business by making your information available to those in need of notarial services. We understand that our success is dependant on the success of those that we serve, hence, we work diligently to make sure your business prospers, as does ours.

Companies & Individuals

Notary Database provides an easy-to-use Notary search engine offering access to professional notaries nationwide at not cost to your company.

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